Razvili smo vlastiti sustava Pametni dom sa kojima smo u mogućnosti upravljati sa gotovo svim električnim uređajima i sustavima.

Hardverski zahtjevi kontrolera ovise o veličini objekta koji se upravlja.

Naš sustav podržava gotovo sve poznate standarde koji se koriste u Smart house rješenjima:

Alarm Decoder Binding Access the status of contacts and motion detectors connected to Honeywell Vista 20p and similar alarm panels
Anel Binding Monitor and control Anel NET-PwrCtrl power sockets and relays
Bticino Binding Connects to Bticino My Home Automation installations by OpenWebNet protocol
CalDAV Binding (command) Execute CalDAV commands through an event, triggered at the start or the end of an event
CalDAV Binding (personal) Detect presence through calendar events or show upcoming/active calendar events
ComfoAir Binding Monitor and control Zehnder ComfoAir ventilation systems
Denon Binding This binding supports Denon AV receivers
DMX OLA Binding Control DMX devices like RGB led strips, dimmers and more
DSMR Binding Obtains data from a Dutch smart meter (“Slimme meter” in Dutch) via the P1-port
eBUS Binding The eBUS protocol is used by heating system vendors like Wolf, Vaillant, Kromschröder etc.
Ecobee Binding Monitor and control Ecobee thermostats
Waterkotte Ecotouch Binding Connects to Waterkotte EcoTouch heat pumps via network
Energenie Binding Send commands to multiple Gembird energenie PMS-LAN power extenders.
EnOcean Binding Control EnOcean devices using a USB 300 gateway
Enphase Energy Binding For people with Enphase Energy microinverters used in their solar installation
Epson Projector Binding Compatible with Epson projectors which support ESC/VP21 protocol over serial port
Expire Binding This binding will post an update or command that you specify (the “expire” update/command) to items it is bound to after a period of time has passed
Fatek PLC Binding Support for Fatek PLC with native protocol communication.
Freeswitch Binding It connects to a freeswitch instance and can report on current active calls as well as show unread voicemails and if a MWI is on
Fritzbox Binding Connects to a AVM FritzBox on the monitor port 1012 and listens to event notifications from this box. There are events for incoming and outgoing calls, as well as for connections and disconnections.
Fritzbox TR064 Binding Communicates with AVM Fritz!Box using SOAP requests (TR064 protocol)
FS20 Binding Enables support of sending and receiving FS20 messages via the CUL transport
Garadget Binding Cloud-based device that “futurizes” your existing garage door opener
GC100IR Binding Global Cache IR binding, which allows openhab items to send commands to the corresponding IR devices from one or more instances of Global Cache
GPIO Binding Binding for local GPIO subsystem, currently only this exposed to user space by Linux GPIO framework is implemented
Heatmiser Binding Allows you to control Heatmiser RS-422 network thermostats
Horizon Binding This binding supports the horizon mediabox used by cable companies in the Netherlands and some other countries
HTTP Binding If you want to let openHAB request an URL when special events occur or let it poll a given URL frequently
IHC Binding This binding is for the “Intelligent Home Control” building automation system originally made by LK, but now owned by Schneider Electric and sold as “IHC Intelligent Home Control”
InsteonPLM Binding Insteon is a home area networking technology developed primarily for connecting light switches and loads
Intertechno Binding Allows to integrate Intertechno CUL devices into openHAB
IPX800 Binding Connects to a GCE Electronics IPX800 relay webserver
IRTrans Binding Allows openHAB to communicate with the infrared emitter/transceiver of IrTrans
jointSPACE Binding Allows openHAB control your Philips TV that is compatible with the jointSPACE JSON API over Ethernet.
KM200 Binding
KNX Binding Allows to connect to KNX Home Automation installations
Koubachi Binding The Koubachi Services help everybody without a green thumb to be a perfect gardener
LCN Binding LCN Local Control Network
LGTV Binding Every LG TV Model with Netcast 3.0 and Netcast 4.0 (Model years 2012 & 2013)
MochadX10 Binding This binding makes it possible to control X10 devices via a server running the Mochad X10 daemon
Milight Binding Allows to send commands to multiple Milight bridges
MiOS Binding Exposes read, and read-command, access to Devices controlled by a MiOS Home Automation controller
Modbus Binding Supports both TCP and Serial slaves. RTU, ASCII and BIN variants of Serial Modbus are supported
MQTT Binding This binding allows openHAB to act as an MQTT client, so that openHAB items can send and receive MQTT messages to/from an MQTT broker
OwnTracks (formerly MQTTitude) Binding Owntracks (formerly known as MQTTitude) provides device location data via an MQTT bridge to openHAB
Chamberlain MyQ Binding Allows you to connect your garage door to the internet to be controlled from anywhere using your smartphone
Neohub Binding Allows you to connect openhab via TCP/IP to Heatmiser’s NeoHub and integrate your NeoStat thermostats onto the bus.
Nest Binding Wi-Fi enabled Nest Learning Thermostat, the Nest Protect Smoke+CO detector, and the Nest Cam
Network UPS Tools Binding Support for power devices such as uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), power distribution units and solar controllers
Nibe Heatpump Binding Used to get live data from from Nibe heat pumps without modbus adapter
Nikobus Binding Allows openHAB to interact with the nikobus home automation system.
Novelan Heatpump Binding Support heat pumps that use the Luxtronic 2 contol unit of Alpha Innotec, such as the Novelan control unit
OpenEnergyMonitor Binding Used to get live data from open energy monitor device
OneWire Binding OneWire bus system is a lightweight and cheap bus system mostly used for sensors like, temperature, humidity, counters and presence
OWServer Binding This binding reads values from 1-wire devices connected to an OW-SERVER (both Rev. 1 and 2)
Panasonic TV Binding This binding supports Panasonic TVs. It should be compatible with most up-to-date Panasonic Smart-TVs.
Plex Binding This binding supports multiple clients connected to a Plex Media Server
Plugwise Binding Adds support to openHAB for Plugwise ZigBee devices using the Stick
Visonic PowerMax Binding Powermax alarm panel series and the Powermaster alarm series
RWE SmartHome Binding Allows to integrate RWE Smarthome into openHAB
Samsung A/C Binding Samsung Smart Air Conditioner Binding.
Sapp Binding Allows to connect to Picnet Home Automation installations
Satel Binding Binding for Satel Integra Alarm System which allows you to connect to your alarm system
Serial Binding Bind an item to a Serial device
SNMP Binding The SNMP binding allows SNMP GET (polling) and SNMP SET (commanding), and the reception of SNMP TRAPs (asynchronous events). SNMP is often found in network equipment, and the binding can be used to ensure your network is operating correctly. The out binding can be used to configure network settings.
Souliss Binding Souliss is a networking framework for Arduino and compatibles board, is designed to build easily a Smart Home distributed over multiple boards via Ethernet, wireless point-to-point and RS485 bus.
Swegon Ventilation Binding Used to get live data from Swegon ventilation systems
TCP/UDP Binding provides basic support for TCP based ASCII protocols.
Tellstick Binding Tested against Tellstick DUO, it should also work with a basic Tellstick
Tinkerforge Binding TinkerForge is a system of open source hardware building blocks that allows you to combine sensor and actuator blocks by plug and play.
Universal Powerline Bus Binding The Universal Powerline Bus (UPB) binding reads and writes messages to and from a UPB modem
Weather Binding Collects current and forecast weather data from different providers with a free weather API
WOL (Wake-on-LAN) Binding Send Wake-on-LAN magic packets to specific hosts in the network
XBMC Binding Allows openhab items to receive realtime updates about information like player state and running media from one or more instances of xbmc


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